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Across the world the global power system is transforming and it can be hard to keep up with all the technical changes and innovations. At CIGRE, our knowledge development programme and community of experts are constantly collaborating to develop solutions to the complex challenges of today's end to end (E2E) power system. ELECTRA brings you the latest expertise and work from this renowned association.

Subscribing to ELECTRA will build understanding of what's happening in the global power system, give you expert insights and offer a gateway into much more from the world of CIGRE.

ELECTRA is published six times per year, providing a range of content:

  • ELECTRA's Global Connections section includes invited articles from across the globe. Its strategic level content is ideal for CEOs, policy makers, technology leaders, and emerging leaders.
  • ELECTRA’s Technology E2E section (coming soon), will include articles from CIGRE's prestigious Technical Council and global experts, providing insightful content about emerging issues and innovations.
  • CIGRE Technical Brochure abstracts and summaries offer E2E power system expertise developed by CIGRE’s hundreds of working groups, seeded by thousands of experts from across the world.
  • CIGRE Annual Reports from the Technical Council that outline CIGRE's extensive spectrum of working groups. Subscribers may consider full CIGRE membership to join one of CIGRE’s hundreds of working groups.
  • CIGRE Life of the Association section on our global events, our diversity strategies, and enhanced services.

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ELECTRA is merely the tip of the iceberg on E2E power system expertise. It is the gateway to the extensive information held by CIGRE.

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