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ELECTRA brings you the latest news, expertise and work from the world of CIGRE, the foremost global community for the development of end to end (E2E) power system expertise.

Established in 1921, CIGRE is a not-for-profit association that has built a long and respected history as one of the world's preeminent technical communities. ELECTRA reveals the latest collaborative work of the CIGRE community, which encompasses thousands of professionals from across more than 90 countries, represented by 60 National organisations.

ELECTRA presents technically robust, real world analysis and globally diverse perspectives. You will find expert articles and thought leadership on many of the issues affecting the global power system today, offered in CIGRE's trademark neutral and technically substantial style.

Whether you browse summaries of CIGRE's latest technical brochures, consider leading edge ideas from our industry experts in the global connections section, or just keep up with the fascinating life of this unique association, you will find ELECTRA to be the publication for the serious power system professional seeking end to end expertise.

ELECTRA is also the gateway to the wider world of CIGRE, where you can find a plethora of technical content for our members via e-cigre.org, such as our highly sought after Technical Brochures, CIGRE Science & Engineering (CSE) now SCOPUS registered, and our famous Green Books.

ELECTRA is a bi-monthly publication free to all CIGRE members. In Celebration of the release of our new digital platform we are pleased to offer ELECTRA to everyone for free for a limited time.

In the future non members can subscribe for continued and deeper access, or join CIGRE for a full membership experience.

ELECTRA is your gateway to a world of end to end (E2E) power system expertise.


CIGRE is a collaborative global community committed to the world's leading knowledge development programme for the creation and sharing of power system expertise. This short video introduces you to this unique, worldwide organisation.

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