Welcome to Digital ELECTRA

Welcome to the new ELECTRA, the signature magazine of CIGRE for our digital world. CIGRE is excited to offer our members and subscribers this new platform to access the latest news, global connections, expertise, and work from the world of CIGRE.

Rob Stephen, president of CIGRE, introduces the new digital magazine:

"As CIGRE enters its second century, our vision is to deliver a digital platform in keeping with the technical excellence of our global community. ELECTRA, is our signature publication and gateway to the world of CIGRE. We will use the new ELECTRA to bring the latest news, expertise and work from the world of CIGRE to life in an exciting new digital format, and do this in a way that can be accessed by smart phone, tablet and desktop - all devices, from one system.
One automated system with one process is important for CIGRE. As a not-for-profit association, it allows us to continue to run a lean operation with focus on our technical work, while optimising our delivery of that to our members.
ELECTRA's digital platform also allows CIGRE to enhance our search engine profile on the likes of Google, while also learning more about what interests our readers most.
We see all of these things as key for CIGRE as we continue to pursue and develop our end-to-end (E2E) power system expertise and services for members".

For members and subscribers seeking offline copies, CIGRE has also introduced a pdf download capability. Once signed in, you can download an article, or even the whole edition. Mike Heyeck, Convenor of the ELECTRA Editorial Board, outlines the importance of this:

"While we recognise the world has gone mobile and people need to be able to read content on their smart phones, we are also conscious of the length and substance of much of the content we offer. Therefore, we want members to be able to begin to engage with content online and if they choose to, download it for reading later offline, perhaps while they travel".

Mike explains his excitement about the future potential of a digital platform:

"Another great advantage of digital is the ability for us to offer the multimedia content expected by our members, such as photo galleries, videos, podcasts and interviews. We also recognise, given the global diversity of CIGRE, there is the inherent advantage of online translation. Modern browsers such as Google's Chrome allow automatic translation of pages, and we are seeing increasing quality in that translation, a considerable advantage, especially given our in-depth technical content.

And that content remains the cornerstone of ELECTRA. While we see a multimedia future, we will also continue to offer our members the highly valued summaries of the CIGRE Technical Brochures, the stimulating Global Connections section with invited articles and, in the Life of the association section, the news from across the world of CIGRE. CIGRE really is unique and digital ELECTRA offers a window on that world".

ELECTRA content attracts interest from across the globe. We anticipate that many non CIGRE members in the industry who wish access to the latest information in the end-to-end  global power system will subscribe or sponsor the magazine.

ELECTRA is CIGRE's gateway to a plethora of technical content for our members via e-cigre.org, such as our highly sought after Technical Brochures, CIGRE Science & Engineering (CSE) now SCOPUS registered, and our famous Green Books.

A few final words from Philippe Adam, Secretary General of CIGRE:

"We are excited by the new digital ELECTRA. CIGRE Central Office is a lean team and we continue to rely on our many volunteers for much of our work. So, we are seeking to make smart decisions about digital technology both to enable those volunteers and to make delivery easier through automation. We are acutely aware of both the challenges of distance and the crisis that engulfs the world at present, so we recognise the importance of being relevant in a digital age. Digital ELECTRA is a great example of this, and we hope our community enjoys accessing it."

ELECTRA is CIGRE's digital magazine. It is a bi-monthly publication and it brings you the latest news, expertise, and work from the world of CIGRE, the foremost global community for the development of end-to-end power system expertise.

ELECTRA is augmented by newsletters, PowerTalk for events and news, Leadership Circle for CEO level articles, and Future Connections for technology for the future grid.  It is also the gateway to all the information CIGRE has to offer to assist you in your place of work.

ELECTRA is your gateway to a world of end to end power system expertise.

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