Welcome to the first Electra edition of 2024!

By Michel Augonnet

President of CIGRE

Dear Colleagues, 

Welcome to the first Electra edition of 2024!

There is much discussion at present over the energy transition and how each individual network will move forward. This edition has several articles of note on or in support of the subject.

Of note in the Technology E2E section is the article “Power System Operation - New Challenges and the Continuous Need for New Solutions ensuring a Future without Routine”, by Yaran Li (CN), WG C2.45 Convenor, Greg Hesse (AU), WG C2.44 Convenor and Jayme Darriba Macêdo (BR) SC.C2 Chair.

Two new Working Groups were created in 2023: WG C2.44 “Operational strategies to manage power system minimum operating conditions” was established in June 2023 and WG C2.45, titled “Estimation, evaluation and provision of power system inertia in networks with a high share of renewable generation”, was approved in October 2023. They are undergoing the process of recruiting members by National Committees and Study Committees. For the last couple of weeks, several professional experts have already been nominated from many different backgrounds and countries. Their expertise and experience will significantly contribute to the Working Group.

As the energy transition progresses, reduced availability of traditional synchronous generators will not only reduce inertia, but also reduce fault current, voltage control, system strength and stability, etc. With less voltage control capabilities, the complexities of the steady state and dynamic voltage control increases. There are challenges ahead and we must anticipate them. We will continue to report on these two Working Groups as their research is of utmost importance.

Important reminders:

Fellow Award: Please do not forget to make your proposal for the Follow Award nominations which must be submitted before April 30th. This award is for a person’s active participation in the study committees; notably in the technical work and for providing a lead technical role.

Paris Session: As a reminder, 2024 is a Paris Session year. The technical program is included in this edition for your review. Please ensure that you are registered and have reserved your accommodations. This year will be more challenging than usual as Paris is hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games, but it is also an opportunity to attend those events that will take place prior and just after the CIGRE Session.

Enjoy the reading and I am looking forward to seeing you in Paris this summer!
Best regards,

Michel Augonnet

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