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Charting New Horizons: Welcoming Addition of Next Generation Network (NGN) Group in India

In the ever-evolving landscape of information and ideas, CIGRE India takes great pride in adapting to change and embracing fresh perspectives. It is with immense excitement that we announce the inception of the Next Generation Network (NGN) group in India. The NGN group's mission is to introduce, involve, and train young professionals and students in CIGRE, creating connections between aspiring engineers and specialists worldwide to exchange information and enhance their knowledge related to power systems.
The NGN group in India is established with the vision of incorporating diverse cultural perspectives, insights, and narratives from young professionals and students in the country.

By Aditie Garg, CIGRE India NGN Chair

The Power of Collaborative Ideas

The NGN group thrives on collaboration, believing that the fusion of minds from different parts of the world, along with India, enhances our ability to capture the nuances of global issues in the energy industry and present them in a way that resonates with a broader audience.

NGN India Kickoff

To mark the establishment of the Indian NGN group, NGN India recently hosted a Kickoff Webinar that surpassed all expectations. This webinar served as the ideal platform to introduce the Indian task force for the CIGRE Next Generation Network. The primary focus was to introduce, involve, and train young professionals and students in the intricacies of CIGRE work. The kickoff call provided detailed insights into the objectives and vision of the NGN group in India, encouraging active participation from the youth in shaping the future of the power industry.

Event Highlights

Guest Speech by Mr. Nihar Raj

Mr. Nihar Raj, Senior Vice President at Adani Energy Solution Ltd., shared insightful perspectives on various digitalization and analytics projects within the utility space and their current status in India's dynamic landscape.

International Collaboration by Dr. Anthony Giacomoni

Mr. Anthony Giacomoni, NGN International Executive Committee (IEC) Vice-chair, shared details about NGN groups worldwide and highlighted collaborative initiatives that are currently underway. This commitment to international dialogue ensures that the NGN group in India is well-connected to its counterparts globally, creating a robust network of young professionals dedicated to advancing the field.

NGN India Insights by Ms. Aditie Garg

Ms. Aditie Garg, NGN India Chair, provided an in-depth overview of the power engineering growth in India and the subsequent opportunities for involvement with CIGRE through the NGN chapter. The talk was designed to motivate young professionals to join this dynamic group in India and showcase their work on an international stage.

Interactive Sessions and Discussions

The webinar featured interactive sessions and discussions, allowing participants to actively engage with the speakers and share their thoughts. Thought-provoking questions from attendees demonstrated a keen interest in ongoing projects, reflecting a collective eagerness to contribute to the nation's energy future.

Record-Breaking Attendance

The NGN India kickoff webinar witnessed a record-breaking attendance, with over 100 participants actively engaging in the discussion. The success was not merely measured in numbers but also in the palpable enthusiasm observed among the young generation in India for the power sector.

Volunteer and Participation Opportunities

Attendees expressed enthusiasm in volunteering for future events and actively participating in the NGN group's initiatives. This demonstrates a strong commitment from the younger generation to contribute to the energy sector's growth and development.

We recognize the importance of forging strong partnerships with industry leaders, academic institutions, and research organizations. By establishing collaborative relationships, NGN India aims to create a bridge between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications, ensuring that our members are well-equipped to address the challenges and opportunities in the power sector.

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Looking Ahead

The NGN India group is thrilled about the prospects and looks forward to making meaningful strides in this endeavor. By providing a platform for mentorship, collaboration, and skill development, the NGN group aims to empower the next generation of leaders in the power industry. NGN India is excited to launch a thought leadership series that will feature discussions, interviews, and presentations from seasoned professionals and experts in the field. These sessions will serve as a platform for knowledge dissemination, providing valuable insights and perspectives that will further enrich the understanding of our members. As we celebrate the success of our inaugural event, NGN India is poised to host many more gatherings that introduce, involve, and train young professionals in CIGRE work. Anticipating the growing interest and participation from young professionals, NGN India is planning to host annual conferences and symposia. These events will serve as gatherings of minds, providing a platform for in-depth discussions, networking opportunities, and the celebration of achievements within the NGN community.

As we embark on this exciting journey, NGN India invites all passionate and forward-thinking individuals to join us. Together, we will navigate the currents of innovation, inspire change, and contribute to a sustainable and resilient future for the power industry in India and beyond. The horizon is limitless, and the NGN India community is poised to make a lasting impact.

Join us in shaping the narrative of tomorrow's power landscape.

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About Aditie Garg

Aditie Garg, is a Principal Energy Consultant specializing in the area of distribution grid, VPPs, distributed energy resources management, grid analytics and artificial intelligence for power systems. She has chaired panels and been an active contributor to the power systems society. She is an active participant in IEEE and CIGRE and has received multiple awards for her research in the field of energy. She is a recipient of honorable mention award at the CIGRE Paris Session 2022.

Thumbnail credit: Photo by shubham dhiman on Unsplash


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