By Michel Augonnet

President of CIGRE

Dear Colleagues,

As we come to the end of 2023, it is a time to reflect on how an organization such as CIGRE can contribute to a rather confusing world. Our focus is distributing efficient energy to everyone on this planet. We do so by sharing knowledge between colleagues so that all may be inspired to discover more resourceful solutions, but so that this knowledge may also be passed on to the next generation. The ongoing global energy transition will involve many disruptive, challenging, yet exciting changes. CIGRE continues to lead and evolve to respond to these challenges and assist with the necessary organizational and structural requirements.

CIGRE proposes its 2023 revision for our Strategic Plan with a horizon of 2030, to ensure our leadership for power system expertise for our stakeholders and for society’s needs for electricity. CIGRE sees the power industry on an expansive track, in terms of its scope and range of activities. Please be sure to read the summary of the Strategic Plan that is included in this edition.

Other articles that I would like to highlight include:

The IEA (International Energy Agency) issued a report in October concerning Carbon Zero targets, stressing the required support needed from both financial and human sectors to develop electrical power systems across all geographies to meet these goals on time.

We are ending the year with a lot of tension on our sector due to growth fueled partly by the energy transition, but also by ever varying climate changes, and political conflicts.

CIGRE plays a unique role in our industry, contributing development of the necessary skills to accomplish all these global initiatives while also attracting students to our sector which plays such an important role in decarbonization. Please remember to complete your membership renewal and encourage young colleagues to join us. We exist because of our collective knowledge.

And now, may I wish you all a very happy and peaceful end-of-year celebration, and I look forward to seeing you in 2024.

Michel Augonnet

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