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eCIGRE 2.0 is available now!

The beginning of the eCIGRE 2.0 journey has passed its first milestone, with a new version of this highly valued CIGRE website online now. This is the first phase in a progressive development that delivers CIGRE’s publications in better, faster and smarter ways.


A better user experience is a key part of the new site. This is delivered by a new responsive interface on mobile and smaller screens, as well as traditional wide screen formats.

The site is also optimised to produce enhanced search engine results. The goal is to deliver greater access across the world, via better page rank for important resources such as CIGRE’s Technical Brochures. 

The new eCIGRE will additionally offer Collective Members (CM) better user management.

This is achieved by a dedicated CM login that allows a nominated administrator to manage their user access to eCIGRE.  


Members will find the new search engine can easily access what they are looking for faster and more efficiently. The search employs a series of filters that enable users to locate content on a wide range of criteria.

The new site is also optimised for modern web use and offers enhanced load speed and performance. This will continue to improve as we move through later phases during which we enhance core infrastructure.

CIGRE Central Office will also benefit from the new system which will speed up content management and administration.


A key focus of the eCIGRE 2.0 project, is to utilise data and smart web techniques to enhance the value the site delivers.

While the first phase of the project (now live), is principally focused on setting up the new interface and attributes mentioned above, it is also about beginning a process of gathering data on user preferences.

In the future a CRM enabled eCIGRE will deliver smarter user experiences.

Firstly, this will include a ‘single sign on’ to either eCIGRE or ELECTRA. So, if you are reading a Technical Brochure summary here in ELECTRA, you will be able to visit eCIGRE and download the full publication without signing in again.

Secondly and importantly, it will also offer content to members based on their unique profile.

For example, if a particular user type such as ‘distribution system operators’ are showing a high level of interest in a technical publication, this will be promoted to users with a similar profile.

In the future a strategic part of the smarter eCIGRE will be the digitisation of content. For example, a Technical Brochure, which is currently offered as a pdf, will be converted to a web based html text format.

With over a million pages of Technical Brochure content on eCIGRE, this is the most ambitious part of our work, but correspondingly, it will deliver great value.

The two key value deliveries are:

Translation automation

Native to modern browsers is an auto-translate functionality. HTML based text will allow users to translate almost an entire Technical Brochure with a click. As CIGRE continues its growth into Asia and Africa, this is particularly important.

Enhanced search engine performance

Digital content also means enhanced search engine page rank, with in depth key word saturation delivering better search results.

The challenges of digitisation

While the above benefits are key for CIGRE’s future, the challenges of digitisation are significant. To mitigate this, our plan is to complete the work in a progressive manner.

We will begin by identifying a cost effective method that requires limited human intervention, and then pilot the approach for select content. Once the method is proven, there will be a progressive roll-out, applying the functionality to the most popular content first.

2024 and beyond

eCIGRE is pivotal in CIGRE’s ongoing strategy to build the power of our digital platform, and offer members services commensurate with our global presence, vision and value delivery goals.

We are pleased to bring you this first phase live now! Watch this space for the ‘smart’ developments in 2024 and beyond.

eCIGRE 2.0, powering your expertise!


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