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CIGRE Africa - CIGRE Academy Seminar on Electrical Substations

Jointly organised by CIGRE and “UMEME” Consortium

By Koji Kawakita – Chair SC B3 & Hugh Cunningham – Chair Tutorial Advisory Group, SC B3

University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) - Tanzania
6 - 7 March 2024

In March 2024, Study Committee B3, Substations and Electrical Installations, assembled a team of experts to travel to Tanzania to deliver a seminar to local industry experts on substations. This was organised by CIGRE together with UMEME Consortium as part of a larger 8-day event. The event was facilitated by Prof Santos Kiwhele (Director of Power Systems, UDSM).

The session was opened by Prof Bakari M. M. Mwinyiwiwa (Principal, College of Engineering and Technology, UDSM), along with a welcome presentation from Mr Antonio Iliceto (Africa WG Chair and Chair SC C1). Then Mr Koji Kawakita (Chair SC B3) gave an introductory presentation on the activities of CIGRE and SC B3. The event was well attended with 50 attendees in persons and a further 20 attendees connected remotely.

The following key topics were also presented by our SC B3 experts during the 2-day CIGRE element :

Contemporary Design of Low Cost Substations in Developing Countries (TB 740)

Philip Konig

Substation Uprating and Upgrading (TB 532)

Akira Okada

Considering Life Extension Operations as part of a Substation’s Initial Design

Mark Peffer

Gas-Insulated Substations, Design Review, Erection & Commissioning Proven Practices

Mario Andrés Montoya Arango

Service continuity Guide for HV GIS above 52 kV (TB 870)

Dik van Houwelingen

Saving Through Optimised Maintenance in AIS (TB 660)

Koji Kawakita

The session was engaging with positive feedback from attendees and will provide an excellent template for future similar events.

At the end, attendees were awarded a certificate for participation in the seminar.


Banner & thumbnail credit: Moses Londo on Unsplash


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