Technical brochure
TB 927 WG D1.70

New Laboratory Methodologies for Investigating of Insulating Liquids — Further Developments in Key Functional Properties

The scenery of insulating liquids is continuously changeing, requiring questioning existing standards and seeking answers for reproducing of phenomena in service in the lab, as well as methods for determining of the life span of liquids. Questions concerning environmental, health and safety are more actual than ever. All those properties can be considered as functional requirements for liquids. The aim of the brochure has been to look on some of them and propose solutions, e.g. for the fault free gassing of some liquids in service, for the use of oxidation inhibitor as an ageing marker in mineral oils, evaluation of methods able to distinguisch between individual hazardeous compounds like PAC/PAHs as well as the measurement uncertainty for thermal characteristics of insulating liquids.

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Materials and emerging test techniques

This Technical Brochure has been created by a Working Group from the CIGRE Materials and emerging test techniques Study Committee which is one of CIGRE's 16 domains of work.
The scope of Study Committee D1 covers new and existing materials for electrotechnology, diagnostic techniques and related knowledge rules, as well as emerging test techniques with expected impact on power systems in the medium to long term.

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