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Fast Electromagnetic Transient Simulation Methods and Prospects of High-frequency Isolated Power Electronics Transformers

With the increasing uptake of distributed renewable energy and low-carbon technologies (e.g. energy storage and electric vehicle), the conventional AC distribution network is transferring to hybrid AC/DC or pure DC. Power electronics transformers (PETs), also known as solid-state transformers, are multifunctional of integrating distributed generation, regulating bidirectional power flow, and achieving grid interconnection, reactive power compensation, harmonic control, etc. Therefore, PETs can serve as key interfaces for energy conversion in future distribution networks.
At present, a number of medium- and low-voltage distribution networks using PETs have commissioned in China, such as the Xiaoertai substation in Zhangbei and Tangjia Bay three-terminal DC distribution network in Zhuhai. The off-line and real-time electromagnetic transient (EMT) simulation studies are of great significance for system-level analysis and prototype development of PETs, which should be investigated timely.

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Technology E2E

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