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CIGRE Pioneer 2020 e-session Achievement Award

CIGRE Pioneer e-session Achievement award is a special award created to recognise the outstanding efforts of the SC members who contributed to the achievement of the 2020 e-session and/or of the 2021 Session.

List of recipients of the CIGRE pioneer e-session achievement

A1 - Rotating electrical machines

Nico Smit (ZA)

Howard Sedding (CA)

Johnny Rocha (BR)

Peter Wiehe (AU)

Kevin Mayor (CH)

A2 - Power transformers and reactors

Thomas Olesen (DK)

Simon Ryder (GB)

Tim Gradnik (SI)

Stefan Tenbohlen (DE)

Janine Jagers (ZA)

Álvaro Portillo (UY)

A3 - Transmission and distribution equipment

Frank  Richter  (DE)

Nicola  Garibaldi  (CH)

Tadao  Minagawa (JP)

Wayne  Papper (AU)

B1 - Insulated cables

Andre Cuppen (NZ)

Jon Vail (GB)

Russell Wheatland (AU)

Frank de Wild (NL)

Carla Damasceno (BR)

Søren Mikkelsen (DK)

Marc Jeroense (SE)

Christian Jensen (DK)

Pierre Mirebeau (FR)

B2 - Overhead lines

Jean Philippe Paradis (CA)

Klemens Reich (AT)

Tim  Condon (IE)

Wolfgang Troppauer (AT)

B3 - Substations and electrical installations

Mark Osborne (GB)

Mark McVey (US)

Uwe Schichler (AT)

Piet Knol (NL)

Hugh Cunningham (IE)

B4 - DC systems and power electronics

Ting An (CN)

Les Brand (AU)

Mohamed Rashwan (CA)

B5 - Protection and automation

Simon Hussey (IE)

John William Wright (GB)

Richard Adams (GB)

C1 - Power system development and economics

Mattias Jonsson (SE)

Peter Roddy (GB)

Valdson  Simoes De Jesus (BR)

Severine  Laurent (FR)

C2 - Power system operation and control

Susana de Graaf (NL)

Vinay Sewdien (NL)

Renuka Chatterjee (US)

Anjan Bose (US)

Marija Zima (CH)

C3 - Power system environmental performance

Henk  Sanders (NL)

Francisco  Moreira (PT)

Christian  Capello (CH)

William Hartmann (NL)

C4 - Power system technical performance

Andrew Halley (AU)

David Jacobson (CA)

Filipe Faria da Silva (DK)

Genevieve Lietz (DE)

Marta Val Escudero (IE)

Babak Badzadeh (AU)

C5 - Electricity markets and regulation

Alain Taccoen (FR)

Yannick Phulpin (FR)

Kankar Bhattacharya (CA)

Jarrad Wright (ZA)

João Carlos De Oliveira Mello (BR)

David  Bowker (AU)

C6 - Active distribution systems and distributed energy resources

Britta Buchholz (DE)

Samuel  Jupe (GB)

D1 - Materials and emerging test techniques

Lars Lundgaard (NO)

Simon Sutton (GB)

Ralf Pietsch (DE)

D2 - Information systems and telecommunication

Karen Mc Geough  (IE)

Gustavo  Arroyo  (MX)

Joël  Nouard (FR)

Alberto Del Rosso  (US)

Giovanna Dondossola (IT)

Chen Ching  Liu (US)

Victor  Tan (AU)


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