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CIGRE Romania - CMDM 2021 Hybrid Session

Condition Monitoring, Diagnosis and Maintenance (6th edition)

Organised by the Romanian National Committee of CIGRE

Bucharest, Romania
11-13 October 2021

The CIGRE’s Romanian National Committee as organizer, with the support of CIGRE Paris and CNTEE Transelectrica (the Romanian TSO),  University “Politehnica” of Bucharest – The Faculty of Power Engineering and the Energy Commission of the Technical Sciences Department of the Romanian Academy as co-organizers , would like to thank all the participants for the important contribution and great cooperation to the Hybrid Event Conference on Condition Monitoring, Diagnosis and Maintenance 2021 - CMDM 2021 (6th edition) that took place in Bucharest, October 11th – 13th 2021, at Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel Bucharest.

In conjunction with CMDM 2021, the Romanian National Committee of CIGRE invited CIGRE Study Committee A2 "Transformers and power reactors" and CIGRE Study Committee B3  "Substation and electrical installations” to hold SC A2 & SC B3 Joint Colloquium “Challenges for Further Digital T&D Substations and Reliable Equipment in the Future”.

 The conference brought together power systems engineers, decision makers, economists, academics, students and others with interest in the domain.

 The main topics of CMDM 2021 covered:

  • Smart Grids
  • Digital Substations
  • Condition monitoring and diagnosis for power equipment and high voltage lines
  • Condition monitoring and diagnosis in power plants
  • Failure phenomena based on electrical, mechanical, chemical, and thermal causes
  • Degradation assessment for power equipment
  • Modern maintenance tools and technologies
  • Advanced sensing techniques for condition monitoring and diagnosis
  • Applications of artificial intelligence for data mining and condition assessment
  • Substation automatization and automated metering
  • Asset management tools for power equipment
  • Distributed Resources and Renewables.
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Preferential subjects

PS1: Integration of intelligence on T&D Substations

  • Expectation and benefit from digital substation and digital transformer
  • Digitalisation into T&D assets: application of Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Twin, Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), Geographic Information System (GIS), Artificial Intelligence (AI), use of robots and drones, etc.

PS2: Reliability T&D equipment and substations in the future

  • Impacts of Distributed Energy Resources connection on substations: improvements of thermal performance, aging impacts, Probabilistic of Failure (PoF), transformers dynamic loading profiles
  • Advanced transformer models (thermal, reliability, ageing)
  • Innovative maintenance methods and diagnostics
  • Maintenance strategies: condition-based/ risk-based and predictive maintenance approaches, replacement/ refurbishment and life extension alternatives

Key facts

  • 177 registered participants (on-line and face-to-face), coming from 16 countries and a wide area of interest (public power sector, universities, power private sector, etc.), from national or international companies;
  • 3610 reach on all Facebook pages where the live filming of the conference was distributed;
  • 1670 unique views of the live filming of the conference;
  • 47 articles presented during 3 days technical paper sessions;
  • 7 tutorials presented by international recognized experts; etc.

The Organizing Committee benefited from the consistent support of Mr. Koji Kawakita Chair of CIGRE SC B3 and Mr. Pascal Mueller Chair of CIGRE SC A2. We were delighted with overall success of the event and are thankful to CIGRE Central Office, the Technical Committee and all of our delegates, volunteers and partners.

The Romanian National Committee of CIGRE represented by Mr. Ciprian Diaconu – Chairman, Mr. Ioan Hategan – Secretary, Mr. Constantin Moldoveanu – Vice-Chairman and Mr. Mihai Marcolt - NGN, are looking forward to the 6th edition of RSEEC in 2022 that will take place in Iasi and also for the 7th edition of CMDM in 2023, hopefully in the traditional way this time.

Credit thumbnail: Photo by Dragos Gontariu on Unsplash


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