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TB 853 WG B1.66

Recommendations for testing DC lapped cable systems for power transmission at a rated voltage up to and including 800 kV

HVDC cables with lapped insulation have been in operation for nearly 70 years since the first 100 kV HVDC cable went into service in 1954. CIGRE has developed test recommendations for lapped HVDC cables in parallel with the development of the technology to higher voltage levels. The latest updated test recommendation was published in ELECTRA No. 189 “Recommendations for tests of power transmission DC cables for a rated voltage up to 800 kV” in 2000. The recommendation was supplemented by an addendum published in ELECTRA No. 218 in 2005.

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Insulated cables

This Technical Brochure has been created by a Working Group from the CIGRE Insulated cables Study Committee which is one of CIGRE's 16 domains of work.
The scope of SC B1 covers the whole Life Cycle of AC and DC Insulated cables for Land and Submarine Power Transmission, which means theory, design, applications, manufacture, installation, testing, operation, maintenance, upgrading and uprating, diagnostics techniques.

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