Session 2022

Paris Session Technical Programme

A few words about Session Papers

Session Papers focussed on a number of Subjects – referred to as ‘Preferential Subjects’ – selected in advance by the 16 Study Committees of CIGRE and available in the Call for Papers.

They are selected through a two-phase review process – abstract and full Paper.

The Technical Programme is the list of selected synopses for our next CIGRE Session 2022, so you may have an overview of subjects that will be discussed. It is kept up to date as Full Papers review proceeds.

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And specificity of CIGRE Sessions

At CIGRE Sessions authors are given the opportunity to present their Paper during half-day specific meetings – the Poster Sessions.

Four days are also dedicated to ‘Group Discussion Meetings’ organised by Study Committees. Four meetings run simultaneously each day from Tuesday to Friday, under the chairmanship of the Study Committee Chairs. The purpose of these meetings is the discussion of the Session Papers on the basis of “Special Reports” which incorporate the gist of the Session Papers and raise a number of questions for discussion.

The Special Reports are available to all on free access - usually in May - on the CIGRE website, on the Session page.

For fruitful discussions delegates are strongly encouraged to read the Papers before the Session.

The set of Session Papers is made available for downloading to all duly registered delegates before the Session through their private account on the registrations portal. Papers are also readable on the Session smartphones application on site in Paris.

Follow our Session latest news and General Programme - by regularly visiting our website !

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