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2050, Poem by Themesha Khan

I had a vision

A vision of trees, abundantly nesting the skies patrons

As the rusty sun dipped below the horizon.

I had a vision

A vision of rivers flowing unbashfully, navigating the valleys’ meanders

As the forest friends dipped their heads to quench their thirst.

I had a vision

A vision of children playing

Playing without care, as children ought to

Taking heart in the certainty that their future was bright.


It’s 2050, and I am in awe at how this vision is not only a reality,

But a beautiful home we have gifted to our next generations.

The dream of possibility has become a reality

Through leaving no sacrificial lambs behind.

In unison, not as a company, not as a country,

Not even as a continent,

But as a human race

We strove towards an ambitious hope of sustaining our home for tomorrow.


And now tomorrow is here

The journey has been arduous

It has felt stripped of successes’ promises at every turn

But we have reached 2050

And 2050 has reached out to us

Through our united vision

Through our sincere and honourable intent

Through our commitment to bearing fruition to our innovative ideas

Through ensuring that nobody be left behind and safeguarding everyone in the journey

We have reached a 2050


With the promise of a 2100

Themesha Khan

Themesha Khan is from Durban, South Africa, where she is employed as a Communication Networks Engineer at eThekwini Municipality’s Electricity Unit. She is a CIGRE member and recently joined the Women in Energy Net Zero Initiative. She loves working in the field of science and engineering and balances this with her passion for the written word.

Banner & thumbnail: Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash


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