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CIGRE Science & Engineering (CSE) - The technical magazine of choice

By Rob Stephen, Editor in Chief of CSE

CIGRE provides a premier digital magazine, CIGRE Science and Engineering (CSE). Interested authors are encouraged to publish in this (Scopus registered) magazine.

As the papers are sent for rigorous review by selected experts in the field, the scope of CIGRE Science and Engineering has to be limited to the knowledge and experts available in CIGRE. As such the scope covers the entire power system of electrical power delivery from the generator to beyond the meter. Any papers covering topics within this scope will be sent for review and possible publication depending on the quality of the paper.

This Scopus registered (E-ISSN 2426-1335) magazine provides the following benefits:

  1. Free publication – no financial obligation to authors;
  2. Free download – maximum exposure for authors’ work;
  3. Rigorous review – reviewers are selected from the most knowledgeable experts globally by the Study Committee chairpersons;
  4. Rapid publication – the time from submission to publication can be from 6-9 months depending on the revisions required and availability in the CSE edition;
  5. Open access to all interested parties. Free download to all (you do not have to be a CIGRE member);
  6. Advertising of the most pertinent papers on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The details as to the Scopus registration and the current rating of CSE are given below:

“CIGRE Science and Engineering, ISSN:24261335”. The journal is active and indexed in Scopus.

There are now 75 citations for 101 documents published or over 70%. The magazine also boasts a high impact as it is free download and reaches experts in over 90 countries belonging to the CIGRE community.

A further development is that for conferences and colloquiums, the best paper will be published in CSE. The author will have an opportunity to update the paper as well as check the final electronic version prior to publication. 

For symposia, the best 3 papers will be published with the same process as that stated for conferences.

For the Paris Session a “Best of” edition will be published in the December after the Session (in this case December 2022). The 16 best papers, selected by the special reporters and Study Committee chairpersons, will be published in this edition.

For further exposure to the authors’ papers, I am very pleased to announce that following the October edition of CSE, four of the most prominent papers will be advertised on LinkedIn and Twitter for free download. This provides the authors maximum exposure to their work with global impact.

The 25th edition was published in June and the next edition is due to be published in October. On average around 10 reviewed papers are published per edition. These papers, as with all the papers published, have followed a strict review process.  Three reviewers are selected per paper from experts identified by the SC chairpersons. Due to the extremely high standards applied, there is a large rejection rate. Authors can therefore be proud to have their papers published in the magazine as it indicates their papers have passed the strict quality criteria.

I would urge readers to reference articles published in CSE as these references are globally accepted.

If you would like to publish in this prestigious, Scopus registered, magazine please email Rob Stephen.

All information on how to go about publishing can be found at

CSE 26 (October edition) available soon on
CSE 25 (June edition) available on
CSE Archives available on e-cigre

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