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CIGRE NGN: Discussion with Alper İhtiyar

CIGRE would like to introduce a new section in Life of the Association: Interviews from Women in Engineering and Next Generation Network. A lot of focus is given to senior CIGRE members and these interviews will present younger members and let them explain what CIGRE means to them. These Q&A interviews are short but allow us to have a new, younger perspective on CIGRE membership; they tell us what interests them in their work, as well as what their projects and goals are. These are the voices of our industry’s future. Please share with young people on your teams and encourage their membership in CIGRE!

CIGRE NGN Türkiye Vice Chair, CIGRE NGN Social Media Chair, Student at Yıldız Technical University, Part Time Working Student at EPİAŞ

What lead you to your present career or job?

İhtiyar: To succeed. After the first semester in undergraduate program, I asked myself: how can I serve the people for better life as an electrical engineer. Of course, I was aware that energy is the most important factor for having prosperity and wealth. My following question was, how can I deliver this energy to all people? The answer is easy, electricity! I researched and worked with power systems during the second year of my education. I learned a lot of things about decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization. After all, I realized that the key factor is electricity markets. By implementing incentive regulations in the electricity markets, we can decrease carbon emissions, increase access to electricity for more people, and ensure safety and reliability. Contributing to the development of humanity is my passion, and I am dedicated to following this passion.

What are you working on now that would interest ELECTRA readers?

I.: I am currently working on developing demand and carbon-based dynamic pricing algorithms for electricity markets. I think this is one of the future topics due to the importance of demand and carbon emissions management. I am always open to collaborate!

What has been the biggest challenge with your work?

I.: Well, to be honest, being an ambitious and passionate engineer has always some problems about balancing daily life. Academic works, learning new technologies and techniques and other technical stuffs should be balanced with social life. Sometimes I am challenged with time management.

What has been your biggest challenge balancing work and personal life?

I.: First one is overthinking about projects. In the first lesson in my electrical engineering department, our teacher taught us a mindset that an engineer must always optimize its project; that’s why you are an engineer. No matter what, it is related to job or committee works; I always ask myself, is it good enough and how can I develop this? Sometimes this behavior impacts my personal life, because I always think about it even outside of work.

How did you get involved in CIGRE?

I.: At my university, I was trying to be an active student and a member of the IEEE Student Branch. As an international institute member, I knew something about CIGRE, but I wasn't fully aware of what it was. One day, my phone rang, and my academic advisor, Ahmet Yiğit Arabul, talked about the goals of establishing CIGRE Student Branches and invited me to become a founding member. I was really shocked when I heard this because we would be the first student branch of an international council! At the next meeting, we met with Ahmet Kerem Köseoğlu, the chair of CIGRE NGN Türkiye, who is the creator of this plan. He explained the plan and what he aimed for. This initiative and the opportunities offered by CIGRE were impressive to us. So, we founded the student club, and I got involved in the following process.

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What do you feel is CIGRE’s ‘added value’?

I.: I think it is more than a value. Being a member of a council that has been around for over a hundred years is highly inspiring and encouraging in both business and academic life.

Why would you recommend CIGRE membership to others?

I.: Because, CIGRE membership offers numerous benefits, including networking opportunities, access to cutting-edge knowledge, professional development, international collaboration, and the chance to shape the future of the energy sector. I would highly recommend CIGRE membership to those seeking to expand their professional horizons and contribute to the advancement of the industry.

Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

I.: I don't know, life is the biggest surprise. 15 years ago, no one could have convinced a seven year old boy that he will become a member of an international executive committee. 😊

Do you have one major goal or do you have a bucket list? Are you willing to share this information?

I.: Actually, I have one major goal and of course there is a strategy behind it. Based on this strategy, I make a plan and approach my goal step by step. It is not a secret, I want to be an international energy strategist.

What would you like to see change in our industry in the future?

I.: Of course, digital innovation is the key change. The rapid advancement of information and communication technology (ICT) and information processing systems presents immense opportunities for us to be a part of this innovation.

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