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TB 822 WG D1.59

Dielectric characterisation of polymeric materials for outdoor use

Aim of the work was to explore methods for dielectric characterisation of polymeric insulating materials. In the first phase of the work, a literature review was performed and different available dielectric diagnostic methods in the time and frequency domain were reviewed. Especially the application of the methods was of main interest. In the second phase of the work the contact and contact-free methods were investigated in detail. Test setups and related test specifications have been developed within the contributing members and participants of the Round Robin Tests (RRTs). In the third phase of the project work RRTs were performed in order to study the feasibility of different test methods using different commercially available test equipments for different kinds of insulation materials.

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Materials and emerging test techniques

This Technical Brochure has been created by a Working Group from the CIGRE Materials and emerging test techniques Study Committee which is one of CIGRE's 16 domains of work.
The scope of Study Committee D1 covers new and existing materials for electrotechnology, diagnostic techniques and related knowledge rules, as well as emerging test techniques with expected impact on power systems in the medium to long term.

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