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Technology and applications of industrial internet of things in power industry

The Power industry-Internet of Things (P-IoT) plays an important role in promoting the low-carbon transformation of energy and improving the quality and efficiency of the power grid. Currently, the global power industry is not satisfied with the effectiveness of low-carbon energy transformation. According to the data from Statistical Review of World Energy published by British Petroleum (BP) in 2018, although the penetration rate of renewable energy is increasing, the share of fossil fuels (36%) and coal (38%) in the fuel for power generation does not change significantly. As the electricity demand grows, and more types of equipment are connected to the power system, the power grid is becoming more complex. This increases the pressure on reliable, secure, and efficient operation of the power grid. At the same time, as the social-economic formation is changing in the direction of the Internet and digital economy, the conventional power industry requires a digital transformation. With the help of P-IoT infrastructure, the supply chain and demand chain can be connected directly and a multilateral power market can be established.

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Technology E2E

This new section created by CIGRE for ELECTRA includes strategic articles from CIGRE authors on the future grid end-to-end (E2E).

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