Technology E2E

Power quality trends in the transition to carbon-free electrical energy systems

Due to the accelerated shift towards a carbon-free electrical energy system, the power system is changing in terms of both planning and operation with an increasing integration of converter-interfaced renewable generation at all voltage levels. Power quality is one of the main areas greatly affected by these changes and provides a field where equipment misoperation, accelerated aging, plant tripping, and loss of production process can take place if it is not managed properly. It is generally accepted that power quality is primarily driven by customer requirements, however, failure to provide a supply within prescribed performance re-quirements can also have a negative impact on system operators, including customer complaints, reputa-tional damage, and financial liability.

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Technology E2E

This new section created by CIGRE for ELECTRA includes strategic articles from CIGRE authors on the future grid end-to-end (E2E).

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