Technical brochure
TB 831 WG B2.62

Compact DC overhead lines

It is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain rights of way (ROW) for transmission lines. Compaction of overhead lines in order to reduce their visual and environmental impact can make regulatory approval easier. It can also allow their construction on narrower rights of way or shared with public transport routes. High voltage direct current (HVDC) lines can provide a high concentration of power and can have fewer “phases” than AC lines, as such they make excellent candidates for compaction. This brochure describes the electrical aspects of compact HVDC lines.

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Overhead lines

This Technical Brochure has been created by a Working Group from the CIGRE Overhead lines Study Committee which is one of CIGRE's 16 domains of work.
The field of activities of Study Committee B2 covers design, construction and operation of overhead lines. This includes the mechanical and electrical design of line components (conductors, ground wires, insulators, accessories, supports and their foundations), validation tests, the assessment of the state of line components and elements, maintenance, refurbishment
and life extension as well as upgrading and uprating of existing overhead lines.

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