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Technical Council Awards 2022

This Award is granted to a few CIGRE Members as a reward for their active participation in the activities of the technical work of the Study Committees. Every two years, each Study Committee Chair puts forward one name from among members of his/her Study Committee or Working Groups. These proposals are approved by the Technical Council Chairman.

The recipients of the 2022 Technical Council Award are:

A3 Transmission and distribution equipment Nicola Gariboldi Switzerland
B1 Insulated cables Carla Damasceno Peixoto Brazil
B2 Overhead lines Balint Nemeth Hungary
B3 Substations and electrical installations Uwe Schichler Austria
B4 DC systems and power electronics Olivier Despouys France
B5 Protection and automation Peter Bishop New Zealand
C1 Power system development and economics Juan Carlos Araneda Chile
C2 Power system operation and control Walter Sattinger Switzerland
C3 Power system environmental performance Henk Sanders Netherlands
C4 Power system technical performance Marta Val Escudero Ireland
C5 Electricity markets and regulation Anant Venkateswaran United States
C6 Active distribution systems and distributed energy resources Yasuo Matsuura Japan
D1 Materials and emerging test techniques Wojciech Koltunowicz Germany
D2 Information systems and telecommunication Gustavo Arroyo-Figueroa Mexico

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