by Michel Augonnet

President of CIGRE

Dear Colleagues,

These last few months we have seen electricity prices increase dramatically in many territories due a confluence of conditions around the world:

  • With the end of lock downs and the ongoing recovery from the Covid crisis, oil and gas prices were already starting to climb, a situation that has been compounded by the war in Ukraine,
  • The lack of sufficient interconnectors enabling power exchanges, especially from the changes brought on by energy transition.
  • In some areas, market rules require amending to encourage demand response, 
  • Finally, investments will be required in carbon-free base load plants.

The rising price of electricity will penalize global economies, create social stress, and may lead to social unrest. It is important that – through our work – we can show and prove what can be achieved through proper program planning and development.

This edition of ELECTRA includes articles which highlight studies and experience on how to deal with some of these issues. These topics and much more will be expanded during our forthcoming CIGRE Session where we are now expecting more than 3000 attendees to mark the first year of our new centennial!

Enjoy your read and I look forward to greeting many of you in Paris!

Best regards,

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