By Michel Augonnet

President of CIGRE

Dear CIGRE Colleagues:

Welcome to April 2023 edition of ELECTRA.

Many of the new key phrases and acronyms that you will discover in this edition show that globally we are moving in the direction of ZeroNet and Carbon Neutrality through shared models of systems efficiency.

Attention is clearly being given to making power grids more efficient, resilient, and flexible so that worldwide reliance on fossil fuels will decline and renewable energies will dramatically increase. Many models are being tested to do this, but the inclusion of power electronics will be required as well as extremely strong AI control systems to manage the various levels and types of dependent and autonomous grids.

Of note are several fascinating articles on how these plans are being planned or achieves.

Recent geopolitical disturbances have heightened our awareness that we must all reduce our reliance on fossil fuels but especially LNG; grid designers and managers are looking at ways to immediately increase their renewable energy percentages. Storage, green hydrogen, and long-distance transmission will also play an important part in increased renewable energy input as the Middle-East-North-Africa (MENA) countries – with the perfect climatic positioning – increase their solar and wind farm development. These articles also point out the key role of nuclear and hydro as sources of firm decarbonated power or input to green fuel.

As we are all aware, a balance must be reached to ensure the safe operation of our networks.

One reminder: now is the time to be preparing your submissions for CIGRE PARIS 2024. August 26, 2023 is the final day for receipt of synopses by the CIGRE Central Office. CIGRE PARIS 2024 is scheduled for August 25-30, 2024, at the Palais des Congrès.

Wishing you good reading,

Michel Augonnet

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