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CIGRE SEERC - Workshop in Rome

In May 2023, will be 10 years since the founding of SEERC (South East European Region of CIGRE), when nine NC’s of CIGRE established a new CIGRE region in the small seaside town of Przno at the Adriatic coast, in Montenegro.

Rome - Italy
26-27 January 2023

In the following years, 7 new National Committees joined the SEERC, involving all together 16 National Committees of CIGRE from 17 European countries (Austria, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Czech/Slovakia, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Israel, Kosovo, N. Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine), covering the region with population over 250 million. In Rome, at La Sapienza University, they began work in January 2014. After three regional conferences (2016 in Slovenia, 2018 in Ukraine and 2021 in Austria and many workshops, in 2020 the book "SEERC CIGRE HISTORY" was published with a detailed description of the technical cooperation and the history of the electricity systems of each of the countries in the SEERC region. Every two years members over questionnaire select the preferential subjects for next regional conference, as well as potential topics for workshops or new regional WGs.


SEERC CIGRE Conference

Next (4th) SEERC CIGRE Conference will be in Istanbul, Turkey, on 11-13 October 2023. They expect participants from many CIGRE member countries.

More information

In 2017 Prof. Massimo Pompili made the proposal to establish a permanent biannual workshop on “resilience of the electrical grids” at the University of Roma “La Sapienza” as milestone of a common grow to make stronger the electrical system of the Region also in view of future developments, transborder interconnections and ongoing climate changes.

The first edition of the Workshop “Resilience of Electrical Grid: Events and Solutions” was held on January 26, 2018 at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Roma “La Sapienza”, successfully and with large participation of almost all SEERC members.  Second version of the Workshop was organized on January 26, 2021 due to the Covid19 period but only by internet, also with great participation for all day program.

Third workshop with same title was held along two days meeting (January 26-27, 2023) again at the University “La Sapienza” with support of the Italian TSO Terna, chairing by Prof. Massimo Pompili and Kresimir Bakic. Participants were coming from CIGRE NC’s Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Georgia, Serbia, Kosovo, and Türkiye as well as by video link from Ukraine. The event was organized on-site and virtual version. On site was registered 42 participants, and many by internet.

The two-day workshop contained 20 interesting presentations, which can be divided into three groups: 1st General examinations (resilience works at CIGRE level and beyond), 2nd Surveys (situation in the individual systems), and 3rd Innovative aspects.

At the end of the event, it was decided to organize the next CIGRE SEERC Rome Workshop on Resilience in January 2025 establishing the workshop headquarter at the University of Roma “La Sapienza”. During the social dinner, sponsored by Terna, the Italian CIGRE NC Chairman, Dr. Enrico Maria Carlini made the proposal to slightly change in the future the name of the event from Workshop to Colloquium, reflecting the open-mind productive discussion on this subject.

The following are the addresses of individual topics at the 2023 Workshop on “Resilience of Electrical Grid: Events and Solutions”:

1a. Influence of climate (change) on design and maintenance of overhead lines –Discussions and publications from CIGRE SC B2 “Overhead Lines” (Herbert Lugschitz, Austria)
1b. Geopolitics and Electrical networks: Resilience and Interconnections (Massimo Rebolini, Italy)
1c. Brief explanations on the resilience of electrical network (Kresimir Bakic, Slovenia)
1d. Dialogue for a Mediterranean Framework (Michelangelo Celozzi, Italy, Moncef Harrabi, and Maya Boureghda Chebeane – Tunisia)
1e. Women in Energy – CIGRE (Arianna Guarneri, Erika Breda, TERNA, Italy)

2a. Showcases of resilience of the transmission system of TSO ELES (Uros Kerin, ELES, Slovenia)
2b. Power System Resilience at the Georgian State Electro system (Giorgi Amuzashvili, GSE, Georgia)
2c. Energy transition and war in Ukraine (Yuriy Bondarenko, Ukraine)
2d. The Impact of the Replacement of Submarine HV Cables on the Resilience of the Croatian Power Grid (S. Aljinović, Z. Klobas, D. Mišćenić, T. Prlić, B. Štambak, HOPS, Croatia)
2e. TSO Terna Cyber Security Governance (TERNA, Italy)
2f. Resilience of power system networks and development National Normative Aspects of EN 50341 (Aleksandar Terzic, EMS, Serbia)
2g. Softver for real-time detection and analysis of security threats in TSO networks (HOPS, Croatia)
2h. Overview of Turkish Electricity: Generation and Renewable Energy (I. ALAGÖZ, Tuğçe DEMİRDELEN, Turkey)
2i. Resilience of Electrical Grid, News from Kosovo (Pranvera Dobruna, Kosovo)

3a. A new methodology for the evaluation of grid resilience on Italian Transmission Network (Silverio Casulli, TERNA, Italy)
3b. Project Climate Check (Kerstin Weindl, Klemens Reich, APG, Austria)
3c. Regulatory initiatives and incentives for resilience of Distribution and Transmission Grid in Italy (Luca Lo Schiavo, ARERA, Italy)
3d. Dynamic supervision of substation topology in Croatian transmission grid (T. Plavšić, Z. Bunčec, M. Borić, K. Mesić, Z. Brleković, N. Suman, HOPS, Croatia)
3e. Operational Resilience of the high-voltage grid: FORECASTING TOOLS, STRATEGIES AND INDEXES (Massimo Pompili, University La Sapienza, Italy)
3f. Cyber Defense capabilities for the power grid resilience - Cyber Defense Center Model (TERNA)

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