by Michel Augonnet

President of CIGRE

Dear Colleagues,

In our last ELECTRA edition we were contemplating the slowdown of the Covid pandemic and looking forward to the Paris Session.
We did not anticipate that a few weeks later a war and its atrocities would be waging in the center of Europe.
We are deeply concerned and saddened by this conflict where too many lives have already been lost.
We stand strong for peace and empathy towards all of those affected in this devastating conflict.
We would like to express our sympathy to our members and their families touched by this situation, and hope that reason will prevail and the current conflict ends quickly. 

Last week during our National Committee meeting Yuriy Bondarenko, CIGRE Honorary Member and Ukrainian NC Vice President presented the status of the Ukrainian Grid that has been disconnected from Russia by the effect of war and destruction. 
We are comforted to see how rapidly the Ukrainian grid - one of the largest in Europe with 54 GW including 14 nuclear units – was synchronized to the ENTSO-E Grid.

I would like to remind everyone that CIGRE is a global technical community engaged in peaceful endeavors as the foremost authority for power system expertise. CIGRE promotes global collaboration as one of its main missions. All its members voluntarily contribute in their available time to the betterment of society.

CIGRE remains a peaceful endeavor as it has for over 100 years building bridges over conflicts.

Michel Augonnet

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