Life of the association

A diverse and growing community!

The CIGRE community is diverse and growing with power system people from every corner of the globe delivering many great reasons to be a part of CIGRE.

We recently interviewed some of the key CIGRE influencers from our community at the 2022 Paris Session.

Short teaser videos of some of these interviews are below.
You can see the full length versions of these on here

Khayakazi Dioka
CIGRE Women in Energy
International Chair 2018 – 2022
Corporate Specialist Transformers and Reactors at Eskom Holding
CIGRE Southern Africa

Joanne Hu
Chair of CIGRE Study Committee B4 – DC
Systems and Power electronics at CIGRE

Rob Stephen
Former president of CIGRE, editor of CIGRE Science and Engineering
Formerly General manager master specialist Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd
CIGRE South Africa, CIGRE Medal winner

Full length versions here, more will be added soon.

Life of Association

The ELECTRA 'Life of the Association' section offers the latest on our people and events from across the 94 countries in CIGRE's global community.

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