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CIGRE is a rather unique organisation in that it shares information and solves problems through collaboration in a world where information is normally kept secret and authors are expected to pay to publish in magazines. The CIGRE technical magazine CIGRE Science and Engineering is no exception to the CIGRE ethos and way of working. Papers are submitted and reviewed by international experts to ensure an extremely high standard prior to publication. Papers are not only academic in nature and often include case studies, experience, innovation and developments around the world.

By Rob Stephen, Editor in Chief of CSE

One may be confused with the number of publications from CIGRE.  Electra is the flagship magazine and the digital Electra is the gateway to the world of CIGRE. It may contain some selected technical papers of use to readers in general.  However, CIGRE felt that there needed to be a technical magazine with refereed technical papers that engineers can refer to.  As such approximately 5 years ago, CIGRE began to publish CSE. The papers are of exceptional quality due to the high calibre of the Editorial Board and the reviewers. Only the best material is accepted.

The magazine is Scopus registered for academics who are concerned about recognition in such matters. 

Also in line with the CIGRE ethos, the magazine is free download to all. This provides maximum exposure globally to authors as well as allowing the papers to be shared with all stakeholders in the industry.

I have recently taken over as Editor-in-Chief of this magazine. I am honoured that this edition (19) features the “best of the best” papers presented at the recent e-Session.  The papers were selected by National Committees and reviewed prior to acceptance to the Session.  The best of these papers per preferential subject, were then selected by the Study Committee chairpersons.  These papers were then sent to the Editorial Board and the best paper per Study Committee selected. These set of papers are therefore indeed the “best of the best”. I would like to congratulate the authors on this achievement.

The papers cover a wide range of topics which can satisfy the needs of most of us in the industry. 

The papers include maintenance and condition monitoring (rotating machines and capacitors). 

There are papers on innovation covering composite tower designs, 3D insulator printing, and cable design. 

The issue of high penetration of inverter-based resources (low inertia) in systems is covered in detail. Experiences are shared relating to reverse power flow in transformers, a case study from Western Australia, oscillations on the Irish system, ramping reserves, and impact on the North African and Middle East systems.

The issue of storage is also covered in relation to island power systems.

From an operation viewpoint there are papers on human errors, TSO/DSO cooperation and a specialist paper written by the Study Committee C2.

A very pertinent paper on cyber security is also included relating to communication gateways.

With the current pandemic we have added a paper written by experts in Study Committee A3 on the impact of Covid on system operators and equipment manufacturers.

With all this information this edition is definitely one to keep for reference as well as to distribute as widely as possible to the wide range of engineers who can benefit from the information.

If you would like to publish in this prestigious, scopus registered, magazine please email me.


The latest edition of the CIGRE Science & Engineering Journal is available on e-cigre.

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