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e-session, that’s a wrap!

The inaugural CIGRE e-session wrapped up on September 3rd. CIGRE warmly thanks all participants for making the event possible, including the valuable support of our Session exhibitors.

by Colin Knox

CIGRE’s brand and marketing strategist

The e-session ran for nine days, hosted more than 2500 registered delegates, comprised 83 sessions and featured more than 800 presented papers. The materials presented were unprecedented for an online event, with many highlights and learnings for CIGRE.

If you missed the e-session and would like to access the vast recorded resource it yielded, simply register for next year’s CIGRE Centennial Session before 31 December this year and you receive access to all e-session materials. You can see the extensive technical programme that was followed by following this link.

If you have already registered for the 2021 Centennial Session or the e-session on its own and would like to access the materials and recordings, click here.

While the e-session was a big success, we are looking forward to returning to Paris for our face-to-face Centennial Session in 2021. A reduced early-bird rate is still available until year end 2020, with a refund clause in case the Session is unexpectedly cancelled.

If you register this year, you can cancel through July 2021 and receive a 50% discount on the €240 penalty fee. Given that everyone who registers for the Centennial Session gets access to the e-session materials, which cost members €100 each, your penalty would only really be €20.

If you register in 2021 for the Centennial Session, the rate will be higher with cancellation provisions as normally considered for Paris Sessions, and without the e-session recordings.

More than 800 delegates have already registered for the Centennial Session and the trade exhibition is nearly fully booked, so act now to secure your place at what is expected to be an especially vibrant event.

Click here to register for the Session 2021

Thanks again to everyone who helped create and run the e-session. In troubling times, it was a demonstration of CIGRE’s adaptability and proof that we will endure. Our work to develop and share end-to-end power system expertise transcends a single event, even our beloved Paris Session.

Note: a more thorough report on the e-session is planned for the December edition of ELECTRA.

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